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  • mom-with-two-kids

    Do Your Kids FEEL Your Love? What Could...

    When MOMs come home from work at the end of the day, their body arrives home, but their mind is still at work trying to solve issues for tomorrow. The...
  • Self-Development

    Personality development-an overall devel...

    Personality development refers to an overall development of a person. It means developing and enhancing your outer as well as inner self. Simply enhan...
  • Love_What_is_It

    I know what love is!

    I know what seeing is! As I saw you that day for the first time So I know what liking is! I know what striking is! As I stroke stone...
  • spiritual_growth

    Spiritual Growth – Self Help ̵...

    Every one of us needs to nurture, nourish and feed our spirituality every so often. Sometimes we just need to slow down for a while and meditate if we...
  • the light

    A Light That Leads to Success

    Every people meets his own battlefield, every way to pass by, road to travel, mountain to climb, ring for the exchanged of punches, and sports to be p...

S.T.A.R.S. Program

Set Your Minds

Tap your spirit

Act with purpose

Reap rewards

Self Fulfillment

Look up to the sky and imagine yourself as a star, shining brightly both as a mother and as a businesswoman. Envision your star and make a wish! Then come to our group to realize your dreams.

My mission is to help Moms save and optimize their motherhood by gaining physical, emotional, and financial freedom.

Using simple proven conscious, unconscious mind, and Martial
Arts techniques we provide the guidance to unify aspects of
the motherhood with rewarding success and greater self- confidence.

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